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What to Look for When Buying a Color Copier?

If you have just started owning your small business or your start-up investment in business has just started to grow, it is a great benefit to comprehend what are the necessary tools to put in your humble office and what model of office equipment can truly help you big time and also in the long run. You better consolidate what are the priorities and features you are in need of that aligns your business success and it is an integral part of management. 

With the number of features and choices available in this modern technology era, you may be overwhelmed to choose everything or nothing, so here is a helpful discussion of what to consider if you are in need of a color copier in your business. 

But first and foremost, get to know why you need a color copier. You may be running a creative studio of your own and need a high-functioning color copier to produce quality colored images. You should know that a multifunction printer is not especially run for printing color materials as much as a color copier, thus it is a good edge for you to invest in quality and modified color copiers.


With the amount of money you spent to get the color copier of your choice, you expect it to work as much as above the standard of most copiers. It should handle, at some point, different tasks not only copy papers but also index cards, book pages and other heavier media. You better look for a color copier with a flatbed copying surface, this feature is a great benefit for you to copy anything and everything your business calls you to.

Color Needs. 

The decision between whether black and white or color printing and copier surely depends upon the essential results of your business. Even though color printing and copying takes a longer time and it expensively needs more ink and toner both up front and in the long run, it is still essential in your business to produce quality colors if you are into promotional material and presentation for clients. Yes, not only that it is colored but it does look more professional and eye-catching. However, it is much cheaper and better to settle in black-and-white Multifunction printers or copiers if you are only going to focus on printing memos and paperwork.

Paper handling and response time. 

If your multif-cuntion printer does not have a big tray enough to hold that much paper for a few days’ work, then what is the point of owning one? Office equipment such as copiers and printers must have the number one feature that helps you save time, otherwise, your work results may just end up late all the time. To make sure you have an efficient copier, you can invest in a machine that has a paper tray that can hold at least 250 paper sheets a day. You can’t sacrifice the span of time and time again replacing bundles of paper for who knows time a day. And we all know the long warm up times of office equipment, so this is your time to choose an option with a shortened warm up time. For about one minute larger devices are good enough for warm up time so you can also get the energy to work right away.

Money Saving Features

This might probably be the most important point you have to heed when looking for a color copier. You have to secure a machine that allows duplexing and that means, it is a printer that allows double-sided printing. This feature can literally cut your cost for paper in almost half. Also, you must find a device that allows you to switch from color printing to just simply black and white strictly by default to be able to save on toner costs. 

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Finding the right features for your office equipment that aligns your specific business can cut costs for your office budget. It only takes a little research to find the right printer essentially for you, since an office equipment is a major investment for a small business, and choosing the perfect option that fits you upfront and in the long run could multiply your results and bring you to the next level of your business.