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Sharp Vs. Xerox: Decide For Yourself, Here Are the Pros & Cons

Machines continue to flood the market, with the latest models, with advanced and more advantages. You can constantly evaluate how things work out for them and how things work out for you as a user. The name stands among the crowd with an edge to add more following. They are the best brands and companies that have been known for an extended period of years. They became the source of every choice, which is better than the other or the best among them all. So now. We will have a closer look at the two different office brands in the field of copiers, Sharp and Xerox. We will check their pros and cons to conclude which one is a good choice.

The History of the Brands


Before we proceed to the pros and cons behind the name, we should also know something more from the name’s history. Well, Sharp was invented in 1912 in Osaka, Japan. Sharp has been in the business for at least 100 years already, and a name marked in history for sure. 

The name Sharp made us always think about products like TVs, kitchen appliances, washing machines, or office equipment. With this brand, users may expect a higher production than any competitors. Indeed, a good choice for middle to large workgroups because this is easy and reliable they could use. 

Sharp Vs. Xerox: Decide For Yourself, Here Are the Pros & Cons


This brand started operation in 1960, far later than Sharp in copying machines. It has gained popularity for developing advanced devices like word processing machines, laser printers, digital photocopiers, and Ethernet networking.

Xerox has been well known for having similarities with other photocopiers like Kleenex and Thermos. People make fun of interchanging the product’s name using the brand name like “Can you Xerox this for me?” Probably you have also said it for yourself instead of “Can you copy this for me?” This marked Xerox’s name for years, and people have used the product name for the service. It only showed that the word became so popular. 



  • Always come out good ahead
  • Inexpensive to own (or lease)
  • Less expensive for a maintenance
  • Built with materials for heavy-duty
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Easy-to-operate procedures
  • Maintained quality output
  • The control panel is Highly intuitive


  • Paper capacity (below average standard)



  • More productivity
  • Convenient to use
  • Cost-saving
  • Leading-edge document technology


  • Technical issues 

The two brands, Sharp and Xerox, have their definitions in terms of technology and functions. They are both marked in history with good names branded in the past already. They have made outstanding contributions to technology and evolved as the years pass by. But in my own opinion, based on my research, Sharp made a way higher in providing more advantages in terms of performance and service. Its energy-saving is one critical factor to consider that Sharp can help in the business. Every business owner valued every single penny in their profit. That is why Sharp has made it a lot easier for them to save some pennies for other expenses instead.

On the other hand, Xerox also has an edge, being so popular a name for decades. The name was often used for the service, making Xerox’s name even more popular. People remembered every detail from Xerox and continued for generation after generation. After all, Xerox worked better for production and was a profit-producing machine. 

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The brands Sharp and Xerox have proven to us that to get the best of everything, make a good name, and you will end up with just nothing.