Is a Photocopier a Laser Printer?

A photocopier and a laser printer may be confused as one since they share a lot of commonalities. Both the photocopier and laser printer use the process known as xerography. Xerography is the copying process where the powder sticks to a surface that is electrically charged after being exposed to light from an image or text that is being copied.  In this list, you will be informed of the difference between a photocopier and laser printer.

  • The main difference between a photocopier and a laser printer is their photosensitive drum that is responsible for the image or text formation.
  • A laser printer uses a low power laser beam to scan one line of a document at a time. Most of the modern laser printers also use infrared laser diodes when printing. On the other hand, photocopiers use high power light and lenses to focus on the whole document and produce a copy of the original one. These lenses are often adjusted depending on the magnification that your image or text requires. 
  • Photocopiers and laser printers can both print, scan and copy but laser printers have advanced security systems and the latest mobile printing option that lets you perform tasks anytime and anywhere.
  • Laser printers have higher hard disk memory than photocopiers.
  • In photocopiers if you want to scan and produce a lot of copy, you have to repeat the process of scanning it again and again. In laser printers in just a few clicks and in just one process, you can produce hundreds of copies.
  • Unlike in photocopiers, printing in laser printers is more convenient. You can digitally adjust, rotate and edit the document in laser printers.
  • Laser printers are set up in a way that the toner is drawn to the exposed portion of the photosensitive drum resulting in a negative image while in photocopiers; it is set up in a way that the toner is drawn to the unexposed portion of the photosensitive drum resulting in a positive image. In simpler terms, laser printers use the negative process and the photocopiers use the positive process.

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