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What Is A Client-Advocate Office Equipment Lease Term?

A few researches have suggested that more than 80% of workplace technology acquisitions are leased, typically through leasing companies that suppliers have selected or suggested. In a market where numerous items are leased, it only makes sense to lease from not just any company, but from reliable leasing organizations only.

The importance of a well-structured and reasonable client lease term is overlooked, most of the time. In our many years of service, we have seen numerous leasing businesses that were not in the best interest of their customer.

The most typical problem that non-patient advocate contracts encounter is when automatic lease renewals. This is when the lease that was expected to end on a designated date restores for a predetermined duration, generally for another quarter, worse another year. Typically, it happens when the customer has not alerted the renting business of their objectives prior to the end of the lease, often within 3 to 6 months.

There are other issues too, such as concealed costs throughout the lease and the requirement to ship a product at the end of the contract. Many leasing companies initially offer low rates so as to invite a client into signing up then covert payments or take advantage of extra fees, resulting in the consumer paying more than the supposed agreed amount. Office equipment suppliers, typically, offer incentives from renting companies in order to promote special programs to clients.

A few vendors even represent their company names on renting files that are in truth “bank-owned” leases. This practice is referred to as “personal labeling,” and could be a way of tricking a customer.

A genuine concern, often, is a lease written to the benefit of the client.

Obviously, and as much as possible, it should be to the customer’s advantage. To be able to guide those who are planning to lease office equipment, here are a few questions that every client should ask a lessor to be able to make sure that the lease is structured to their benefit and not on the leasing business.

  • Aside from my lease payments, what other expenses should I expect during the course of my lease term?
  • What are my insurance coverage obligations?
  • What are my duties at the end of my lease term?
  • Will I be notified prior to the end of the lease, what should I do?

If my needs change before the end of the lease, what are my choices for altering my equipment to a more modern unit? How can we do this without extra charges?

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