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Are The Copier & Printer The Most Ideal For Your Office Functions?

We hear a lot about performance and productivity in today’s modern offices; however, what does that mean to your business? You might be asking yourself, “How could I be more efficient?” The answer might be in upgrading your office’s equipment, especially your photocopy machines and printers.

Case #1: Business could be flourishing, and you might have added personnel to fulfill added tasks. Congratulations! In today’s economy, this is such a wonderful news. However, have you considered the number of individuals sharing the same copier and printer? If only one person prints big tasks regularly, that could put other tasks on hold.

Case #2: Perhaps your company has grown, and you require the ability to not only print and copy, but also scan documents and fax directly from your PC. The good news is that, there is now a device that could provide all of these functions. A multi-function printer have special- server-based applications that could help with the safe delivery and capture of both digital and paper documents into company applications such as Microsoft Word. With the most modern equipment, you can even edit scanned documents simply.

Case #3: You have an accounting department that’s loaded with so much work, receiving hundreds of invoices and checks that have to be scanned for documentation and all images should be cleaned up, every information indexed, sent to several managers of various branches for evaluation. With a special software, efficient workflow could be established to scan all documents and even improve the quality of the needed images. Also, this software could assign an indexing code, classify invoices according to who needs to review each one, and digitize everything into PDF format. There are those that could even path the checks to a central database and billings to people.

When you are aiming to save on expenses, acquiring new equipment could sound detrimental. If your present photocopy machine is able to deliver everything you need, then why upgrade you ask?

For beginners, if your copier just fulfills a copying task, it is most likely outdated. All the more recent equipment has scanning and printing features, and it is such an advantage to have multiple functions in a single machine.

If you have an old copier, a fax machine, and a number of printers, but still has to acquire a scanner because you need its function now, this is a definitive sign that you could improve costs by updating to an all-in-one MFP that could deal with all these needed functions.

Moreover, remember that newer devices have an overall lower cost of operation. By adding functions to your equipment, you can also reduce your printing expenses. For example, if you include a fax kit to your MFP, you now have a desktop and laptop faxing permitting you to receive faxes electronically; hence, minimize on printing costs. Including scanning functions to your MFP can help enhance efficiency, too.

As you can see, staying up-to-date with your photocopier and printer machines is critical to keeping your company running efficiently. If you’re in Nashville TN, allow Copier Leasing Nashville TN to help you and the entire office become more productive. Contact us today.

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