Things To Consider When Buying a Photocopier

Office and business equipment play a crucial part in ensuring workflows and productivity. Among the essential equipment is a photocopier that allows anyone to perform copying, scanning, and printing, regardless of their brand, size, and type of photocopier. 

Choosing what photocopier to buy is challenging and confusing since there are many requirements and considerations to make. For instance, budget, uses, and specification.

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Selecting the best photocopier should not be taken lightly since these devices can have an impact. In this article, we have listed the considerations in choosing the best photocopier.

What exactly is a photocopier?

A photocopier is a machine that allows you to copy any documents, print a large scale of materials, and do document tasks in bulk. These printers use a light lens that replicates any documents. It also allows users to produce colored copies of documents that are in high-quality and seamless prints.

What aspects should you weigh when purchasing a photocopier?

Speed of copying documents

How fast or how slow the photocopier performs matters. It indicates whether they can cater to your print and copying needs, especially if you’re printing in bulk or on a large scale. What to look for is the more pages per minute, the higher the print speed, the better it is, especially for a large workgroup. 

Typically, the most suitable photocopier speed for an office with around three to ten people is 25-45 pages per minute (ppm). It is in the mid-volume range of copiers.


One of the most important considerations to make is your budget and the cost of the photocopier. The cost of photocopiers ranges from low prices to those higher costs. Many things influence the cost, such as the toner and ink need to produce several copies before they need to be replaced.

Another cost is the repair that may occur along the way. You need to pay for the repair labor and the components each time your photocopier needs repair. You also need to invest in high-quality materials to sustain its functions.

Available Space

The availability of space is another consideration; photocopiers come in small and large sizes; however, what type and brand you choose may or may not fit your area. Before looking for photocopiers, measure the space and estimate a placement. Know where to fit the power sources and where to add additional equipment. 

Print Volume

The print volume also matters, especially with how large the amount of paper you copy every day. This method helps you know the photocopier’s average print volume without frequently replacing your toner. 

Network Capabilities

The first thing you will note is its features when choosing photocopiers. Among these features are network capabilities, which allow multiple people to pin and copy at the same time. This network will connect the computer’s network to the photocopier you choose. 

When it is already linked to a network, the photocopier will transform and elevate its feature to a more scanning, printing, copying, and fax server. It can also operate anytime, anywhere, as long as your device is connected to the network.

Conservation of Energy

As a business or worker, it is your goal to have a device that performs well but still saves you money. Among those cost-saving means is choosing a photocopier that is energy efficient, can decrease your utility bills and helps lessen the effects on the environment. Energy-efficient photocopiers are safe and will not keep cool so you won’t worry about increasing temperature.


In conclusion, you need to consider a broad range of photocopiers before you buy, rent, or lease them. It’s crucial to take note of this consideration so that these devices will be compatible with you and your workplace. If you’re looking for photocopiers to try out, we have unlimited options on our website for you to browse.