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How Much Does A Plotter Printer Cost?

Technology has paved the way for the sprouting of new businesses in different parts of the world. Many devices, tools, and equipment were invented, which have become very useful for everyday use and businesses. One of the valuable devices created is the plotter printer. Plotter printers produce high-quality resolution and very detailed drawings, which is why they are widely used in technical fields like engineering, construction, and architecture. This is also used in businesses that require large print sizes, such as billboards, maps, and other advertising boards. Learn more about plotter printers and how much they cost.

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What Is A Plotter Printer

A plotter printer is built specifically for printing vector graphics. This printer interprets commands from the computer to create line drawings on paper using one or more automated pens. Unlike the typical toner printer, this can draw continuous lines on media papers, producing only a series of dots. Its ability to remove lines faster and more accurately makes it ideal for architecture, engineering, CAD drawings, and other graphically creative businesses. Plotter printers are more advanced as they print high-quality graphics and designs. This device is also famous for printing diagrams, blueprints, and maps.

Today, a plotter printer is also known as a large-format printer or a wide format printer. These printers can provide high-quality and detailed prints in a large format, making them ideal for printing large banners and posters, murals, wallpaper, technical engineering plans, backdrops, and other prominent media materials. There is a price difference between these and regular printers. This will also require a spacious storage facility to store the device correctly and the other necessary supplies used to run it. 

Furthermore, a plotter printer can also print on different materials other than paper. Depending on your needs, a plotter printer may print on various materials, including plywood, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic. There are multiple brands and types of plotter printers you can choose from. You need to determine what kind of work you will be doing to select the right plotter printer that can manage graphics, projects, and other printing tasks for your business.

How Does A Plotter Printer Works

Plotter printers are vector-based devices that print continuous lines from point to point. This function is accomplished by moving a pen mechanically to draw line art onto the paper’s surface or other chosen materials to replicate the vector graphics drawn on a computer. To print something, the plotter gets a series of commands from the host computer, and the pens and carriage move in response to those commands. The cells and carriage work simultaneously depending on what has to be printed. When printing something that requires more than one color, hundreds of pens with a wide range and combination of colors are directed to operate in unison on the chosen media.

How Much Does A Plotter Printer Cost

If you plan to buy a plotter printer for personal use or your business, you will probably wonder how much it will cost. Its cost may depend on the features, size, speed, model, brand, and the seller you choose. Here are some guides on their average prices to help you and give you an idea of your future expenses for plotter printers. A plotter printer or a wide format printer has two types: cutting plotters and pen plotters.

  • Pen Plotters 

It works with pens, which move across the paper and are capable of complex line art. This is mainly used in engineering and architecture but can also be used in making maps and other designs. A pen plotter that is 60 inches wide and has a 330 ml ink tank has an average price of between 1,500 to 2000 dollars. It will also cost you 6,000 to 7,000 dollars if you go for a plotter with a 700-ml ink tank.

  • Cutting Plotters 

Cutting plotters use blades to cut materials like mylar, vinyl, and paper. Artwork, patterns, and crafts can be cut with this computer-controlled machine. Depending on its cutting speed and other features, a cutting plotter can cost $1,500 and $4,000.


When acquiring a plotter printer, it is not only the cost that should be considered; you should also pick what is best suited for the type of task you are doing. There are many plotter printers to choose from which are inexpensive and efficient for your everyday use.

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